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So, about twelve weeks have passed since my last song list update, and though I was three ahead of schedule then, at this point I am now four behind schedule, partly because there was a long period where I just wasn't singing, much less learning new songs. I had my reasons, but I'm not sure this is the place to talk about it, so we won't linger on that.

Anyway, what I will tell you about, however, is the fact that I took a brief nap this evening, and managed during that short period of time to have a nightmare in which I had a heart attack and nearly died (in the nightmare, not real life. To the best of my knowledge.) And it really drew my attention to some things in my life, and made me reassess a few things. Some things I'd worried about, seemed suddenly petty and silly, and other things felt more important than before. This journal, I'm sorry to say, was not one of the things that felt more important to me. At least not compared to some other things.

Unfortunately, my life is not a Charles Dickens novel, so there was not an immediate transformation in which I caused Tiny Tim to blurt "God bless us, everyone!" But it did jolt me out of a bit of complacent self-pity I had going, and realized that, on my deathbed, I would not look fondly on the days when I had just at around watching TV shows on Hulu. Which isn't to say I will never do that again, but I don't need entire evenings of that, by any stretch of the imagination.

I could go on, but I've already said more than I'd intended, as I was mainly coming here to add what new songs I've done since the last time. Which isn't many. (Only five. I'd be further behind, were it not for that lead I had going before.) So, here are the new songs (not re-posting all of the ones prior, since that post is just two away from this one):

24. Breakfast At Tiffany's

25. Someone Like You

26. What Are Words

27. Rhythm Of Love

28. Crawling In The Dark

Okay, that's all I've got for now. (No new Dunputoffens accomplished, I'm sorry to report.)

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So, if you're reading this, odds are you are on LiveJournal (or are lurking at Dreamwidth.) Either is fine. This is really just a test to see if the "cross-posting" option works, allowing me to update my Dreamwidth journal the same time as my Livejournal journal, which has once again lay dormant for nearly two years. I figure at least this way it will get semi-sporadic updates, even if it is a bit of a simul-cast type situation.

 Since my Livejournal is (I think) a bit more "public", more or less, it will probably not get all of the posts I put here. (Certain updates in particular.) And I'm not sure why I'm even telling you this, as it really only matters to me.

Okay, i'm not going to say anything further (or indeed anything worthwhile) until I see whether this technique even works. I have no reason to doubt that it will, but since I've never done it before, I have no proof that it will either. Yet. We'll see, right.... now. *post*
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Okay. I really don't want this to just be a quarterly thing. o_O

But, the past few months haven't gone entirely like I'd planned. Life's like that, sometimes.

And I can't say with total certainty that this post means I'm back on track. I may be right now, but who knows about the immediate future.

But one thing I've decided, is that I'm not going to beat myself up for not making the progress that I had anticipated. I'm just going to pick up where I've left off, and move forward from here. And yes, I once again have goals and intentions, and it remains to be seen how well I'll succeed at fulfilling them.

One change that I'm hoping to make in my decision-making mentality, is rather that obsess over the "consequences" of potential decisions, to consider the "benefits" of a potential decision. This makes decision-making potentially less terrifying for an INFP such as myself, and also frees me up a bit to make more mistakes, which some argue is the only way you learn.

Anyway, my intention now is to list, for my own benefit (and optionally the morbid curiosity of whoever stumbles across this), the new songs that I've learned and/or recorded thus far this year (as mentioned in my previous post). I'm not sure yet where I'm at on my goal of 52 in 52, though I know I'm "behind", it's just a question of how much. So, once I've compiled this list in a bit here, I'll know for sure. Here we go.

[Note: as stated previously, there's no guaranteeing that the links will work for you. They all work for me, though, which for now is the important thing. =D]


1. Epiphany

2. I Wanna Be A Producer

3. If We Never Meet Again

4. That I Would Be Good

5. Be A Clown

6. Count Me In

7. You've Got Your Troubles

8. How To Save A Life

9. The One You Love

10. Take The Long Way Home

11. Inka Dinka Doo

12. Manah Manah

13. Man Or Muppet

14. An Anti-Rick-Roll PSA (parody of "Never Gonna Give You Up")

15. Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum

16. Who'll Stop The Rain

17. Shriner's Convention

18. When A Felon's Not Engaged

19. The Bing Bong Song

20. Mother's Day Doo-Wop A Cappella (parody of "Come And Go With Me")

21. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

22. Upside Down

23. Everybody's Changing


Okay, so I've got 23 songs done, and this is week, what... oh! Week twenty. So, thanks to today's glut of new songs (21-23), I'm actually ahead of schedule now. Sweet! (I almost didn't include #12, "Manah Manah", since I've heard the song plenty of times, but I'd never really tried singing it before, and especially not on camera, so i went ahead and included it.)

As for the Dunputoffens for March and April, I'm not sure off-hand if I accomplished anything major for those months. I'll have to think back, and read my FB/Twitter/emails/etc. to get an idea. But I'm guessing no. =T Otherwise I would think it would jump out at me.

Oh! One thing I did in May, that I think I will count, is I went gluten-free for 8 days, just to see how I would fare, because of various problems I was having that seemed to pertain to my diet, and after reading the symptoms it sounded just uncanny enough to give it a try. I'm not letting my experiment replace the advice of a professional doctor, but I figured if I went 8 days without gluten and still had the problems, it probably wasn't the gluten. As it happens, many of the symptoms seemed to cease partway through the experiment. Now, I admit that it could have been a placebo effect, but the seeming success (or lack of failure) was enough for me to seriously consider asking my doctor about it. As much as I don't relish the idea of giving up wheat products and the like, if that turns out to be the problem, then the potential long-term (and even short term) benefits I think would outweigh any supposed "consequences." (To use my old terminology.)

Oh! Also, I've started drawing again, albeit not a whole lot, but far more than I had been "allowing" myself to up to this point. A good friend of mine got me a Moleksine notebook and some pencils, and today I finally sketched... a drawing of my hand, sketching a drawing of my hand, sketching a drawing of my hand. Not the most beautiful drawing ever, but it amused me, and I found it to be an encouraging start. I'm also practicing my simpler, internet-based drawing in the game Drawception. Despite the limited tools and it being a web-based game (completely with its own community of trolls), I'm finding it to be a nice way to stretch my creativity, coming up with ways to portray the given phrase in a relatively small box with very few drawing tools and a limited color pallet (and no way to zoom in. o_O) All in a 10-minute time limit. It's a nice balance of structure and freedom, for me. 

My drawings for that game can be seen here: 

(I have no idea if you have to have an account to see that, or what.)  They are hardly masterpieces, and some of the phrases I had to draw were... different, but... it's still an interesting challenge, i find.

If all goes well, in the near future I'll have a new Dunputoffen, in the form of a audio-visual mashup that I won't talk about just yet, but I more or less have everything I need to do it, it's just a matter of sitting down and piecing it together. It might be a somewhat tedious process, but I'm hoping the end result will be worth it.

Okay, that's all for now. Hopefully I'll from me again sooner rather than later!
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 So normally (that is, normally for me) I would start out with an introductory and/or explanatory entry explaining who I am, what my intentions are for this blog, and all of that. I would try to make it funny, or at least mildly clever, and make a valiant effort to spark the reader's interest somehow. But I'm not going to do that this time.
Why not? Because, quite frankly, this is not for you. It's for me.
That may seem rather self-explanatory, but this is actually a big deal for me, because in the past I've always been "catering to an audience," as it were. I mean, obviously I'm writing TO someone other than myself, otherwise most of what I'm saying here would be pointless. After all, why would I have to tell myself any of this? But beyond this sort of exposition, I am hoping to make this more for my benefit than anyone else's. Sure, you're welcome to read if you so choose, but I'm not going to promise that it will be a rollicking good time. I'm not even sure what it means to rollick, or if that's even a proper word. 
Anyway, so this whole entry is apparently all about you after all. But that's okay, I can make an exception just this once. But in the future I will strive to talk more to myself, in reference to whatever I've decided to work on and/or obsess over. Two recent examples I've come up with being "52 in 52" and "Dunputoffen." 
The first is my newly-formed arbitrary minor goal of learning 52 new (to me) songs in 52 weeks. (As in either singing it or playing it on the piano or saxophone, well enough that I'm comfortable recording it.) Ideally it will be one song per week, but I am prepared for the possibility of missing a week and having to subsequently double up on other weeks. (I am also allowing for the possibility of MORE than 52, but I will be more than happy with just the 52.) I'm including in this total any song or parody that I might create during the year (though not the songs I've written in the past and just haven't recorded. Those will have to be part of the next category.
Every month I'm going to try to complete what I've decided to call a "Dunputoffen." (Subject to name change if I should decide that its stupid-sounding name undercuts the sense of achievement.) It can be anything, the only self-enforced criterion being that it has to be something I've put off for a considerable length of time for whatever reason. And unlike the 52 in 52, which will probably just take a list form without much explanation usually, each Dunputoffen I will explain (to myself and/or you, depending on how you want to look at it), so as to justify (to myself) its place in the Dunputoffen ranks, and perhaps explaining (or wondering) why it took me so long to finally do... whatever it was. 
I'm giving myself a pass in January, though there may have been something I finally accomplished that month, I'm not sure. As for February, I finally recorded my Groundhog Day carol ("Hooray For Groundhog Day"), a song I'd perpetually delayed recording for nearly two decades. I guess I grew tired of its shadow looming over me (pun regrettably intended.) 
As for the 52 in 52, I've already done eight songs, and we are in the eighth week of the month, so I am luckily up to speed already. Rather than list the first eight now, however, I will include them once I write the entry for the 9th song, whenever that might be. This is partly to encourage me to actively pursue this goal [since the first eight songs were done at random and with no goal in mind] but also because I'm tired and don't feel like tracking them all down right now. But in the future there will be links for my own benefit/perusal. You might be free to listen to them, depending on the access level I've assigned them, but I won't guarantee it. Like I said at the beginning, this is primarily for me. Though I'm happy to let you observe somewhat vicariously. (Obviously, or I wouldn't be doing this as an online blog.)

I will probably use this blog for other things besides what I've just described, but these are the only concrete ideas I've had so far. (That I feel like mentioning.)
*glances at above paragraphs* Wow. Imagine how long this would've been if I'd written an introductory entry...


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