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2012-08-15 10:00 pm

So much for not wanting it to be quarterly.

So, about twelve weeks have passed since my last song list update, and though I was three ahead of schedule then, at this point I am now four behind schedule, partly because there was a long period where I just wasn't singing, much less learning new songs. I had my reasons, but I'm not sure this is the place to talk about it, so we won't linger on that.

Anyway, what I will tell you about, however, is the fact that I took a brief nap this evening, and managed during that short period of time to have a nightmare in which I had a heart attack and nearly died (in the nightmare, not real life. To the best of my knowledge.) And it really drew my attention to some things in my life, and made me reassess a few things. Some things I'd worried about, seemed suddenly petty and silly, and other things felt more important than before. This journal, I'm sorry to say, was not one of the things that felt more important to me. At least not compared to some other things.

Unfortunately, my life is not a Charles Dickens novel, so there was not an immediate transformation in which I caused Tiny Tim to blurt "God bless us, everyone!" But it did jolt me out of a bit of complacent self-pity I had going, and realized that, on my deathbed, I would not look fondly on the days when I had just at around watching TV shows on Hulu. Which isn't to say I will never do that again, but I don't need entire evenings of that, by any stretch of the imagination.

I could go on, but I've already said more than I'd intended, as I was mainly coming here to add what new songs I've done since the last time. Which isn't many. (Only five. I'd be further behind, were it not for that lead I had going before.) So, here are the new songs (not re-posting all of the ones prior, since that post is just two away from this one):

24. Breakfast At Tiffany's

25. Someone Like You

26. What Are Words

27. Rhythm Of Love

28. Crawling In The Dark

Okay, that's all I've got for now. (No new Dunputoffens accomplished, I'm sorry to report.)